Book - LIVING IN TRUTH  Poetry Book By Uniquia Manigault

Book - LIVING IN TRUTH Poetry Book By Uniquia Manigault

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LIVING IN TRUTH is an inspirational poetry book with over 50 poems written by Uniquia Manigault to soothe the soul, create healing and give therapy to the MIND, BODY and SOUL…

There are 4 things you will discover about yourself as you read these poems.

1.You’ll re-discover who you are, and everything you’ve been through so that you’ll never forget where you’re trying to go.

2.You may deter from your plan, go through trials, tribulations, deaths, experience hardship, bad relationships, family issues and more… But it will only help you to become a better person.

3.YOU are great! YOU are phenomenal! It’s never too late to get it right!

4.You too have a story! Let your thoughts and imagination soothe your soul, and start journaling TODAY!

This book comes in 4 different variances.

Print Copy - $15.99

E-Book (desktop) - $9.99

Mobi (phone/ipad) - $9.99

Audio Book - $12.99

Visual - $22.95

 Full Package A - (Print Copy, E-Book, Audio - Digital, Visual - Digital) $50

Full Package B - (Print Copy, E-Book, Audio - CD, Visual - DVD) $60

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